Rich Lehmann


My name is Rich Lehmann and I'm the founder of The Other Day Photography.

I started using the name The Other Day Photography when I took up professional portrait photography in 2003. At the time I was primarily photographing families with young children. The name was inspired by the idea that once your children were all grown up you could look at the photos of them and remember their childhood as if it were just the other day.

When I started photographing weddings in 2004, the name didn't feel particularly wedding, but I felt in a way it was even more appropriate. Strong marriages can be helped along by a couple that regularly take the time to remember the emotions they felt for each other on their wedding day.

It’s for this reason that I will always primarily be a reportage photographer, looking to take as many unposed photos of the couple as I can on their wedding day to capture those feelings and ensure that they are never forgotten. Just one photo of the right split second is worth its weight in gold, and a gallery full of them is priceless.

I am grateful to have worked at so many weddings over the past sixteen years; and it’s this feeling that keeps me motivated to always do everything I can to not only get the best photos I can for my customers, but to also help ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible on their big day.

Every time I arrive at a wedding, regardless of whether the venue is a registry office, a village hall, a parent’s back garden or Leeds Castle, I will always be aiming to capture a set of photos that my customers will treasure forever.

That's me in the blue suit